Cash Mob LogoSo, you want to use our amazing Cash Mob “Cash Fist” logo for your event?

Before permission can be granted, please read the restrictions and complete the following form which includes your contact information and how you intend to use the requested logo. Your request will then be considered.

Bear in mind that no commercial use of the logo of any kind is acceptable without prior specific permission. If you’d like to offer Cash Mob t-shirts, caps, reusable shopping bags or totes we can provide them to you our cost through one of our preferred vendors.

Upon approval, we will e-mail you the logo in the format you indicate below. Until then, you should NOT assume that you have approval from Localista Media to use the requested logo.

  • You must grant us use of your images
  • You must grant us use of your video
  • You may not change or alter the logo
  • You must include our short URL CASHMOBS.US
  • You may not use logo on apparel of any kind

Our mission is to promote Cash  Mobs and Lunch Mobs. By allowing us to use your images and video we will not only promote you, your events and your organization but we will be promoting the Cash Mob concept around the world.

Use the form below to formally request usage of our logo for each CASH MOB or LUNCH MOB event. We also offer DIY Cash Mob packages & consulting and we’re requesting that you provide your video for the Cash Mob Documentary.