At the heart of any local community movement are local sponsors. Ideal local sponsors are ones that are involved in the local community and that can derive some level of mutual benefit for their organizations.

Perfect examples of cash mob sponsors are community banks, business banks, business consultants, accounting firms, business law firms and other business focused organizations.

The benefits of sponsoring a cash mob event doesn’t stop at branding. Cash Mob sponsors get community recognition, goodwill with both the business community as well as local residents who perceive, and rightly so, that a local cash mob sponsor cares about the local community.

International Exposure? Your local business may not need international exposure–but it can’t hurt. We’re officially developing a feature-length cash mob documentary and if your cash mob event is well documented, and selected, you’ll receive the added benefit of being included in what will be an internationally released documentary.

Sponsorship dollars goes towards signage, documenting the event with video and pictures, administration, local coordination, local media outreach, marketing & advertising.

With sponsorship opportunities starting at just $550 per event there’s a lot of value for not a lot of investment. If you’re interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities in your community contact us and we’ll walk you through the process.