Cash Mob: The Documentary Movie

Cash Mob Documentary Directors ChairOver the next 18 months we will be professionally documenting every Cash Mob event, compiling third-party footage and editing local business interviews into a cohesive documentary not just about Cash Mobs but the people, places and personalities behind Cash Mobs.

We want to make you famous!

We want your Cash Mob footage (and Lunch Mob footage too!). If you capture video footage of your Cash Mob events please submit that video footage to us. Why? We’re creating a documentary film to promote the Cash Mob movement, and if we use your video you will be listed as a contributor and we’ll give you credit with “Special Thanks” in our IMDB Movie listing. If you shoot the requested scenes then we may even make you an Associate Producer on the film.

Not only will you be supporting your local community, helping out a local business owner and encouraging others around the world to get involved you will also get recognized as a filmmaker and build your local reputation as a Videographer. If you’re familiar with the movie business, you’ll know that documentaries are very popular with regional, national and international film festivals. The subject matter of community involvement is also very popular and our intent is to submit the completed documentary to at least 8 film festivals. The combination of genre and subject matter makes it much more likely that our Cash Mob Documentary Movie will win at least one Film Festival Award… and you can be part of it!

How to document your Cash Mob Event

The ideal solution is to find a local Videographer. Someone who cares about the local community as much as you do and also have a creative eye and video recording, editing and storytelling skills. Have them record a pre-interview with the shop owner, cash mob planning meetings, day-of-event happenings, interviews with attendees and a post interview with shop owner. Always answering the question, “Why?” Why do you care about the local community? Why do you care about this shop and shop owner? Why did you attend the Cash Mob? What was the benefit to your business?

Once you have it recorded, upload the video to a file hosting service like Dropbox or Google drive get a “sharing” link and return here to complete the form below. If we use your footage we will credit the event organizer as well as the Videographer in IMDB.

You don’t have to use our cash mob promotional products or DIY Packages, but we’d suggest that you consider it.  Why? Consistency in messaging and branding for all events. Also, don’t worry about the costs because we’ll show you how to get sponsors.