To execute a successful Cash Mob you’ve got to have “Merch.” Products that you can sell (as a fundraiser), give out to participants and award to individual attendees for completing a task, answering a question or for showing up at specified time.

Additionally, both you and your staff should definitely have t-shirts so attendees can identify who’s in charge. If you have volunteers, reward them with a free t-shirt (and again attendees will be able to pick them out of the crowd as well).

As giveaways, reusable shopping totes are perfect as they instill a “green” quality and give recipients any easy way to promote future events to other local merchants as they shop. The rest of the items are just fun and some being cheaper than others make great giveaways for everyone that shows up to the Cash Mob event. Below is a sampling of the customized “Merch” we developed for a recent Cash Mob. Before you start planning your cash mob you may want to download our free Cash Mob Questionnaire to help you plan your Cash Mob event or you can learn about our Cash Mob Packages and cash mob consulting services.