A Week’s Worth of Business by 5 PM

Today may be April fools day, but businesses that participate in Cash Mobs are some of the smartest local business owners around. In fact, some communities have a Cash Mob waiting list of local businesses that have either self-nominated or have been nominated by local residents.

Imagine being able to generate an entire week’s worth of business by 5PM. That is literally what has happened during a cash mob. However, the immediate economic impact on the day of the event is just one benefit of being the focus of a cash mob. There are a number of long-term impacts as well.

  • First, new customers. The Cash Mob event exposes local businesses to new customers who have either not heard of your business or haven’t made the time to come shop.
  • Second, press coverage. Many times the novelty of the Cash Mob concept or the community involvement necessitates the local news media to cover the event. This “earned” press coverage is free to the business and extends the Cash Mob Shadow out for another week or longer.
  • Finally, good will. Most cash mobbed businesses a give back to the local community. Be it sponsoring the local little league team, donating to a local worthy cause, or even sponsoring a pancake breakfast–any good act creates good will. Promoting this charitable aspect of a business during the Cash Mob event will instill a sense of goodwill in new and returning customers.

So, whether you’re a business owner or a local resident looking to help your community Cash Mobs are more than just a single event. they’re a force to make a positive long-term change in local communities. Learn More.